Su Casa Es Mi Casa - Your house is my house.

January 2, 2017 | Cate Corts

That's right, we speak both English and Spanish, but what we truly want to tell you is that your house will be treated as if it were our own house when we clean it. We know that inviting a stranger into your home to clean can be stressful, especially if they don't treat your house, furniture and other belongings very well. Some cleaners will rush through your home like a bull in a china closet just to "get it done" and when they leave, you're left more stressed out than before. This completely defeats the purpose of having a house cleaning service.We are here to save you time and relieve your stress that comes with maintaining a clean home around your already packed schedule. When you invite us into your home, it's like you're asking a dear trusted friend to lend you a hand once a week while you take care of other things. When we're done, you're left with a clean home and a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

When you first contact us we meet you, introduce ourselves, find out the exact service you're looking for, and then provide that to you on a consistent basis, with the same team of cleaners. You'll never have to worry about a different cleaner cleaning your home each week. We also follow a strict checklist during our cleanings, so you won't have to worry about a good first clean that slowly degrades as the weeks turn to months. We have many longtime clients that love these two facts. We are very consistent and you can count on receiving a top-notch service, always.

In addition to this we a professional business with insurance, bonding for accidents, and licenses. Wow! Talk about having everything you need.

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