House Cleaning FAQs

January 18, 2017 | Maid to Clean MT - Bozeman's Best House Cleaner


Maid to Clean MT, LLC get tons of specific requests when we are asked to bid a cleaning job. Most of the times the requests don't change our prices or bid, but they do help us ensure that our customers are getting the best cleaning service in Belgrade and Bozeman. Here are some typical requests that you should hesitate to tell us when we meet to give you your first bid:

"I would like eco-friendly products" - Of course this is possible! We are familiar with a wide variety of cleaning methods and can meet your specific needs, just let us know what they are. If you prefer a particular brand or have an allergic reaction to a specific chemical, please let us know. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs. In fact, we've cleaned many of Bozeman homes with just water and vinegar, as requested by the homeowners. 

"I have pets" - We LOVE pets! But we'd like to make sure your pet loves us. If you have a pet that spooks or reacts drastically to new comers in their home, let's talk about what we can do to make our visit less stressful for your furry family member.

"I want a house cleaning every week" - We can do this, and you'll receive preference on scheduling dates and times as a frequent customer. 

"I need it clean as soon as possible"  - We can do this too, depending on what is already on our house cleaning schedule. Just give us a call or text (406)-209-2109, and we can work something out.

"I have an apartment/condo that needs move-in, make ready, or move-out cleaning" - We do this on almost a daily basis. Just give us enough notice, so we can meet all your cleaning expectations.

"Supplies need to be provided or will you bring our own?"  - We usually bring our own, unless the home owner has their own preferences. We typically buy local from House of Clean in Bozeman, and are very confident with our favorite products. 

"Can you get the laundry done too" - Maybe. Let us know you specific needs, and we can discuss if that is the scope of our house cleaning service. If it is just starting the machine, running a load or two, and folding, we can probably do this. 

"Move-out cleaning/ Move-in Cleaning" - This is one our specialities. We started with this service and expanded, so YES we do move-in and move-out cleaning, and we do it really well. We'd put Maid to Clean MT up against any other cleaner in the Belgrade or Bozeman area as the best cleaners, we're that good. However, due to scheduling and workload we like to stay close to the Bozeman and Belgrade areas to do move-in and move-out cleaning. We've been known to stretch to Big Sky, Livingston, and Three Forks, but we're Bozeman's best cleaners... just saying. 

"Will you move furniture or belongings" - Of course, we do a thorough job. This means taking the time to move things to properly clean. 

"Bed needs to be changed every other week" - Remember that time you spent the night at that luxury resort where you thought you we're in a dream because the rooms were made up so neatly each day? We can that too, right in your very home. Just ask. 

"Do you clean windows?" - Yes, Maid to Clean MT also does windows. This is typically an add-on service, but we have no problem getting your windows streak-free inside and out. We also remove hard water stains from windows. 

"Fridge cleaning, Oven cleaning, Sink Scrub, Toilet Renewing, Bath Shine, Shower Scrape"- Yes, we do these services too. However, depending on how dirty or stained it is, it may take us more time to complete. 

"Floor Stains: Food stains, Drink stains, Pet stains,  Oil / grease stains." - When we give you a quote to clean your house and you show us a stain we usually offer to do a small sample area, to see if we can take it out. If you're happy with the results, then we can do the full stain.