Drinking Water in Belgrade: We have a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.

February 1, 2017 | Bozeman's Best House Cleaner

There’s a small city with a rich mining history located 60 minutes to the west from Belgrade that has a few sayings when talking about their drinking water. The two most descriptive ones are “I like the crunchy texture of our water” and “Even though the tap water is brown, we drink it down”. Luckily, we in Belgrade don’t have to spend so much creative energy on slogans for our water. Simply put we’ve got good ol’ normal H2-O. A big deal for most people in the world, including our neighbors to the west! According to the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report done by the City of Belgrade, our drinking water is safe and meets federal and state requirements.

The three page report, which is available at Belgrade City Hall, has some great scientific information that we’re sure is important for meeting government regulations; however, we’re just focused on being the best house cleaners in Belgrade, so we didn’t take time to set run our own study and are going to take their word on it. However, while reading the report, we did find these tidbits to be interesting:

1. The City of Belgrade currently strives to provide safe and dependable water to 7,000 people.

2. The City does monitor for lead and copper, and our water is compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule; however, while the city of Belgrade is responsible for providing high quality drinking water, it cannot control for the variety of materials used in a house’s plumbing. The city of Belgrade recommends that when your water has been sitting for several hours, you can minimize the potential for lead exposure by flushing you tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking.

3. The EPA has determined that you water is SAFE.

4. Important: If you have hard water stains on your window in Belgrade, you should call Maid to Clean MT, LLC to have a professional window cleaner wash your windows! Ok, this wasn’t actually in the report, but we think it should be :-)

If you’re up to reading more or have any questions, swing by Belgrade City Hall at 91 E. Central to get a hard copy of the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, or you can call Steve Klotz at 406-388-3764.

Why we wrote this post:

Maid to Clean MT, LLC loves the town of Belgrade, MT. We started here, and are currently operating our house cleaning service out of Belgrade.  We couldn’t be happier. Belgrade is a great small town with great amenities in town and near by. You can find everything you need in town. However, if you’re looking for more things to do there are plenty of options. With a short drive you can go to see the Bobcats play at Montana State University, shop in Bozeman, hike in the hills, or fish in 30 different places along the Gallatin River. With a little longer drive you can get to great skiing at Bridger Bowl and Big Sky, go see bears and wolves in Yellowstone National Park, or drive in any direction to find blue-ribbon fishing in many of Montana’s great lakes and rivers. Montana has many great small towns to explore, but for us Belgrade is the epicenter of it all.

It’s our appreciation for Belgrade that made us want to start including our “In Belgrade” series to this blog. The “In Belgrade” posts will include information that we find out about Belgrade, Montana that both visitors and residents will find interesting. The posts will also usually include tips on local businesses that you may want to check out as we encourage you to support the local business owners of our great town. The information usually comes from the Belgrade City Hall, located at 91 E. Central in Belgrade, set behind the Belgrade Public Library (if you’re driving down broadway) or from oral history told to us by our many local housekeeping clients (and then verified as best we can). We hope you enjoy this information, and if you have something to share or a comment please email us at maidtocleanmt@gmail.com.