Dogs in Belgrade: Picking up your pet and dog licensing information.

February 1, 2017 | Cate Corts

 We are Belgrade’s best house cleaner and part of the reason we are is because we love pets. We’re very pet friendly with our house cleaning and it doesn’t take long for us to get attached to your pets, and them to get attached to us too! The city of Belgrade, is pretty pet friendly. Many houses have large yards and almost all neighborhood parks allow dogs. However, the city of Belgrade does require the following when you have a dog in the city:

1. Dogs over 6 months of age that are kept within the city limits must be licensed annually. At the time of writing this post the fees were $20 for neutered dogs and $30 for unaltered animals. The owner is required to bring proof of the dog being neutered or spayed, along with rabies paperwork when going to city hall to get a dog licensed.

2. Dogs must be leashed when not on your property.

3. Owners are responsible for picking up their dog’s waste. Belgrade city code states that “it is unlawful for the owner or person in possession of a dog to fail to immediately remove any feces to a waste container if a dog defecates on public property, or on private property without the permission of the occupant”.

Fines for failure to pick up after you dog are $50 for the first offense and $100 for each offense thereafter.

As a bonus, Belgrade has two great local businesses that cater to dog bathing and grooming! Andie’s Paws and Claws, LLC is located off of Broadway south of the railroad tracks, and Dog Days Grooming is located on Main street towards the east end of town (click the links to go to their respective websites). 

Why we wrote this post:

Maid to Clean MT, LLC loves the town of Belgrade, MT. We started here, and are currently operating our house cleaning service out of Belgrade.  We couldn’t be happier. Belgrade is a great small town with great amenities in town and near by. You can find everything you need in town. However, if you’re looking for more things to do there are plenty of options. With a short drive you can go to see the Bobcats play at Montana State University, shop in Bozeman, hike in the hills, or fish in 30 different places along the Gallatin River. With a little longer drive you can get to great skiing at Bridger Bowl and Big Sky, go see bears and wolves in Yellowstone National Park, or drive in any direction to find blue-ribbon fishing in many of Montana’s great lakes and rivers. Montana has many great small towns to explore, but for us Belgrade is the epicenter of it all.

It’s our appreciation for Belgrade that made us want to start including our “In Belgrade” series to this blog. The “In Belgrade” posts will include information that we find out about Belgrade, Montana that both visitors and residents will find interesting. The posts will also usually include tips on local businesses that you may want to check out as we encourage you to support the local business owners of our great town. The information usually comes from the Belgrade City Hall, located at 91 E. Central in Belgrade, set behind the Belgrade Public Library (if you’re driving down broadway) or from oral history told to us by our many local housekeeping clients (and then verified as best we can). We hope you enjoy this information, and if you have something to share or a comment please email us at