Your PREVIOUS house cleaner did WHAT?!

January 21, 2017 | Cate Corts

We wake up every day knowing that we are the NEXT house cleaner for you. People call us all the time when they already have a house cleaner, but want something better. They tell us what they don't like about their current house cleaner, and then they ask how much we charge. Usually our prices are in the same range, the only difference is our services and levels of customer care are off the charts. We know this, and that's why we feel comfortable saying that we ARE Belgrade's best house cleaning service. Heck, we know we're Bozeman's best house cleaner too. Here are some examples of common complaints we hear about the other house cleaners:

 "I was shocked and disappointed by their "deep clean" service. Surfaces left not dusted, poor vacuuming, stuck-on food in the kitchen -This was not a good cleaning, let alone a deep clean. I've tried tell them but they simply don't have a good understanding of what thorough cleaning is and/or aren't capable of executing it. Also they sell this two team member cleaning system as if it were amazing but both cleaners needed a lot of direction and the supervisor rarely shows up."

"We have to cancel our service with them. The first time was alright, but the supervisor met me at the house when the girls gave us the call that they were done cleaning. She then went over for a whole extra hour on what the girls were not doing correctly. The next time no supervisor this time to make sure the job was finished before the girls left. They had not vacuumed any rugs or our hallway. They skipped those two areas and only got to the bedrooms even though I am paying $190 PER VISIT for those things to get done. It also wasn't as "spottless" as the first time because I'm sure they were rushing since they did have to squeeze in an extra house before 5pm. $190 is a lot of money to pay for an unfinished service.  I was seeking these maids to help relieve stress in my life and it only added another stress of conflict and negative feelings. "

"Our cleaner is over priced and provided poor quality cleaning job. I was moving out of my old house and my landlord asked us to hire professional cleaners. I hired X Maids to help out. They arrived Friday afternoon and barely did anything around the house. The whole day they were either outside chit-chatting, or on their phones on Instagram or Facebook. They admitted that they did minimal work on Friday and decided to come back on Monday. They came back on Monday and charged me for an extra day, when they didn't finish the job I hired them to do! I was out of town when I received a call from my landlord saying that the place looked the same as it did on Thursday. I called them back and asked why they didn't finish the job I hired them to do. They were very rude and inconsiderate on the phone and didn't fix the problem.Then they sent another maid on Tuesday to finish the job I hired them to do, but ended up DOING NOTHING! We had to finish all the cleaning, we lost most of our security deposit, and we were charged and extra $190!"

"NO SHOW! Apparently my reservation was never given to a cleaning crew due to "technical errors." This is after 2 text confirmations and three email confirmations! They were unable to explain the mix up and couldn't send a a cleaning team anytime during the day of my reservation leaving me with an apartment to clean hours before a renter came. Horrible experience!"

"Booked them, they took credit card number and never showed up. Awful."

"Cleaned my mother's apartment 4 times. 2 of 4 times they did no dusting, this last time the cleaner was in a big hurry to get to another job. If I have to complain each time of a bad job it is not worth it."

"The woman who came to my apartment was perfectly nice but about an hour later I get a call saying they need to charge me an extra 30 to clean up cat hair. Yes I have pets but what am I paying 190 dollars for if they want another 30 to clean cat hair. If they sweep and vacuum the floors and the furniture like they should then it should be done."