Why You Need a Direct Point of Contact for your Janitorial Service

While your cleaning company may work off-hours when no one is in the office, it is crucial to have a direct point of contact when you have a question or a concern. You’re hiring a cleaning service to make your business more efficient, improve employee satisfaction, and present the best image to your clients and customers, so you want to ensure your facility is cleaned correctly every time; however, nothing is efficient about trying to hunt down the leader of your cleaning team to voice a concern which unfortunately is common with some cleaning companies. Many companies have teams of cleaners that change every week, and no one that will address your concerns with owner-like actions that make you feel that your being truly served. 

When contacting a cleaning company, you need a point man, a decision maker, a person you have dealt with in the past and trust. Someone that is out in the field with their teams, coaching and monitoring to ensure the best cleaning of your facility. You deserve exceptional customer service and to deal with a person that will take care of you and your business.  

Maid To Clean MT, LLC offers you a direct person to contact. We have a Commercial Client Representative for each commercial cleaning account. Our Commercial Client Representatives are responsible for managing a specific account, and overseeing the cleaning service for their clients. The Commercial Client Representative is tasked with quality control in janitorial operations, training the teams for each account’s specific needs, and supporting their commercial clients while providing excellent  customer service. 

With a Maid To Clean MT, LLC Commercial Client Representative, you will have a one specific person assigned to your account to help you during all steps of working with a cleaning service. This starts with the initial walk-through to ensure your expectations are met, monitoring the cleaning being done, and answering all questions and concerns usually within 24 hours. Having a direct point of contact ensures your commercial property is cleaned and maintained properly and helps to make life a little easier.

Group Of Janitors In Uniform Cleaning The Office With Cleaning Equipments