L & L Site Services: Our Thoughts.

December 30, 2016 | Maid to Clean MT

After walking out to the alley after the big snow storm hit, I took this picture of the our garbage can burdened with snow. Then the next thing I did, was think about how nice it has been since I switched garage services. My can is no longer left tipped over or broken in the middle of the alley, and whenever contact them, it's always a friendly helpful person that picks up the phone. Since Maid to Clean MT is in the business going to someone's house and providing a service, we seem to have developed a keen eye for great costumer relations and efficient service. Both are qualities that L&L Site Services have shown us, and were the reasons we decided to ditch our old garbage service. Then to top it all off, L&L Site Services were cheaper.

What follows  is an unsolicited review of L&L Site Services. We use them for our garbage service in the Belgrade area, and recommend them when doing newly remodeled cleaning or after moving cleaning, where the client has a lot of debris and needs to rent a dumpster.  We're VERY happy with them and here's why we really like them: 

They're Great On Customer Service:
Unlike our old garbage service, L&L Site Services are very easy to contact. You call them and a REAL person picks up. Even better, you can almost hear the same traffic sounds, as they're just a stone's throw away in Four Corners. So instead of getting a ridiculous phone tree of options that lead you further and further from real person, and then ultimately to a recorded voice that says "we'll (might) call you in the next 24 hours", a real life neighbor addresses all of your questions and concerns. 

They're Great On Price:
Our previous garbage service provided us with a 48 gallon can for $61.35 billed on a quarterly basis. L&L Site Services charges us $63.00  quarterly for a 65 gallon can. While we have a small household and barely fill our can each week, there were plenty of times after a birthday party or Christmas when we got dinged by the other company for having an extra bag or two. Now with the bigger can, we won't have that problem. 

They're Local, But Have No Problems With Bigger Projects:
As mentioned before, they're right down the road from us, and I'm not talking about some kiosk that serves as a relay station for a huge corporate office out of state.  I'm talking local homegrown, like they love the Bobcats and fish the Gallatin after work, local. They're members of the local chamber of commerce and and provide services for the Belgrade Public Schools, a pretty big job. Follow this link to read about how the Belgrade School District decide to use L&L too. 

At this point, we highly recommend them!