Is Your Restroom Clean? [HINT] Your Clients Know the Answer.

Did you know that studies show that the cleanliness of a business is directly related to employee sick day and how long client will stay at your business? Stop and take a moment to go to your restroom. Now, truthfully evaluate the following: 

Is there a strong odor? Stop and honestly take a deep whiff. Are you smelling an artificial sent that could make your clients and employee sick? Are you smelling a strong chemical that suggest the cleaner using the wrong product or over using the right one? Are you smelling anything else? This could be due to a poor cleaning procedure or show a need for a more frequent cleaning schedule. (Consult with Maid to Clean MT and we’ll tell you what needs to be changed). 

Are there clean sanitary napkin boxes in the Women’s Restroom? If you have none, your toilets are probably going to flood one day from the burden of your clients and employees not have another option of where to dispose sanitary napkins. If they aren’t clean and lined properly, your cleaning procedures need to change to include nightly disinfecting of the sanitary napkin boxes. (This is a health issue that needs to be fixed. Be sure you and your cleaners are using the correct Personal Protective Equipment every time they clean. This is required by OSHA).  

Is there soap and hard water build up around your sink faucet? If so, your cleaner may not be taking the appropriate time cleaning to insure the faucets are wiped down during each cleaning. (Belgrade especially is known for having hard water, so hiring a professional cleaning service from Maid to Clean MT to stay on top of cleaning restrooms is very important). 

Are there “dust bunnies” in your vents or on top of the bathroom stall partitions? This is common in restrooms that have received an inadequate cleaning for too long. Either the cleaner isn’t taking the time to properly check these areas, or the cleaner lacks a backpack vacuum with appropriate host tips. (Maid to Clean MT performs a regularly scheduled deep clean in addition to a regular cleaning to ensure dust build up these areas never occur). 

Is the grout in the restroom all a uniform color? Look on the walls near the sink, under the urinal, and by the floor drain. If there are stains or discoloration, this suggests that cleaners are not rotating their cleaning chemicals correctly, using a dirty mop, or just neglecting that specific area (Maid to Clean MT follows a specific cleaning checklist to ensure all areas are cleaned and chemicals are correctly changed from time to time. And we always use a clean mop). 

Don't take a chance with your bathrooms, give us a call today to learn how we can ensure you, your employees and customers can enjoy a clean bathroom.