6 Clean Tips to Sell Your Home FAST!

December 15, 2016

Check out these simple recommendations to sell your home fast!

 1. De-Clutter your house. Don't distract the buyer. In the case, LESS is MORE. Hint: One picture on the wall, less post-it notes on the fridge, and shoes organized in the closet. 

2. Increase (natural) light in your home. Sunlight coming through a basement window can make all the difference in getting a buyer to see "welcoming" instead of "dungeon". 

3. Deep clean your bathroom. Bathrooms are used by everyone in the buyers family, and therefore carry a lot of weight in their buying decisions. Furthermore, a dirty bathroom can stain the buyer's view of the rest the house. 

4. Clean the air. Take a deep breath. Now look around. Are you nose blind to the dog dish, litter box and other common air polluters? Clear the air, before the buyers start referring to your home as "the cat house".

5. Vacuum and Dust. A layer of dust and dirt on the floor and cupboards makes it hard for the buyer to see the lovely crown modeling. Show me a guy selling a dirty car, and I'll show you someone who doesn't expect to get top dollar at the time of sale. 

6. Clean the front yard. First impressions and love at first sight isn't just for the movies. You could make ,or break, a deal before a buyer even enters your home with your home's curb appeal.