Commercial FAQs

Are you Licensed?

Yes. Not only are licensed, we are also fully bonded and Insured cleaning company.

My office, bar, building is “X-amount” square feet. What is your rate?

We do not have a flat square footage rate. We will meet with you first to discuss your cleaning needs and then provide you with a list of customized pricing options to best meet your needs based on frequency (daily, weekly and monthly cleaning services) and services needed (cleaning, maintenance, dusting, sanitization, etc.).

What are the contract terms?

We will work with you on contract terms and conditions, depending on your expectations for janitorial services. We do our best to be flexible to work with your needs and have some clients on a month-to-month contract, while others prefer quarterly or yearly contracts. We do ask for a 30-day notice, if you wish to end our service. However, whether it’s a yearlong contract or month to month contract, our goal is that we will be your cleaning company; month-to-month - for as long as your business is serving the Bozeman area.

Do you clean carpets, windows, etc.?

We provide a variety of services including hard service cleaning, reception area/lobby cleaning, kitchen and restroom cleaning, dusting and window washing, waste removal, sanitization, and vacuuming. We’ll develop a detailed checklist of all your specific cleaning needs.

What’s so important about having a detailed checklist?

Our detailed checklists allow us to ensure that all your cleaning expectations are being met, every time. It allows us conduct quality control on ourselves and be transparent with our clients, so you never have to worry about your cleaning service declining over time.

Do you provide your own equipment or materials?

We can provide the cleaning equipment, or we can use yours. Let us know what you’d prefer, and we’ll make it work.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we do! Keeping you, your business, your customers and employees’ happy is important to us and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our janitorial services. If the quality of work performed and paid for is not satisfactory, contact us within 24 hours and we will make arrangements to rectify the situation.

Who will be cleaning our business?

All of our employees go through an extensive screening process before they are hired. We check references and do a background check, so we can assure you that your business is in good hands. Furthermore, our cleaning teams of 2-5 people are closely supervised, and rarely change overtime; so you don’t need to worry about new people entering your office or business every time it is cleaned.